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Agency Responsibilities


Client Feedback

Our agency continually evaluates our services to help us serve our current and future clients better. We believe that a good way to measure effectiveness is by asking for client feedback. We want to hear from you. If you would like to complete a confidential client feedback form, inform an employee or complete a feedback form online here: Jump to the Survey. Your feedback will not affect your relationship or services with our agency.



All NHCC employees and volunteers are bound by federal and state statutes and Agency policies governing confidentiality. We inform clients of the limitations of confidentiality and, to the fullest extent possible, respect your right to confidentiality at our agency and when we see you in public places.  We will make every effort to inform you of any limits to confidentiality before you begin sharing information (for example, mandated reporting).
Client information may not be disclosed unless:

All confidential information is kept in a closed and locked location. 
Every effort will be made to inform the people NHCC serves about the policies and limits of confidentiality.


Mandated Reporting

NHCC employees and volunteers are mandated reporters. We will adhere to the child abuse (Minn. Stat. § 626.556)statute.  We are expected to comply with all applicable mandated reporting laws and will supersede NHCC’s confidentiality policies for the purpose of doing so.



New Horizons Crisis Center does not  discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, genetic information, age, marital status, covered veteran status, status with regard to public assistance or any other legally protected status in the delivery of agency services.


To Report Civil Rights complaints:

U.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Civil Rights Division

Disability Rights Section 1425 NYAV

Washington, DC 20530

Fax: (202) 307-1197


Main Section Telephone Number: (202) 307-0663 (voice and TTY)

You may also file a complaint at www.ada.gov/complaint/


Client Concerns

It is the policy of NHCC to provide clients an opportunity to express concerns about services provided or denied to them by NHCC. The following allows clients, potential clients or someone acting on a client’s behalf to raise questions or concerns about the denial of services or the type or quality of services provided.
Any client who believes that he/she has a concern with NHCC is encouraged to first discuss the matter with the employee with whom he/she has been working. However, the client may also bring the concern directly to the Executive Director. If the concern is with an action of the Executive Director, the concern should be brought to the attention of the Board Chairperson.

A client may call, fax, mail, or email the Executive Director about their concern:

Attn: Executive Director
New Horizons Crisis Center
109 South 5th Street, Suite 40
Marshall, MN 56258
Phone: (507) 532-5764
Fax: (507) 532-3628