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Programs and Services Available Through New Horizons Crisis Center


General Crime

We work with victims of general crimes. This means our services can help someone if they are a victim of a physical assault, harassment, stalking, identity theft, attempted murder, in addition to other crime victimizations.

Sexual Assault

Our role is to be an advocate/support person for the rape or sexual assault victim and/or their families; this can be a person who is a victim of partner rape, acquaintance rape, date rape, stranger rape, gang rape, ritualistic rape, or any form of sexual assault. We also address sexual harassment and hostile work environment issues.

Parenting Time

The Parenting Time Program at New Horizons Crisis Center is designed to help families as they go through difficult and/or transitional times.

We provide a positive, safe, neutral and interactive location for children to spend time with their non-custodial parent without being in the middle of conflicts. Through this program, children have an opportunity to maintain a relationship with both parents. Our number one priority is for the emotional and physical health and well being of the children.

Violence Prevention Programming

New Horizons provides violence prevention programming to area middle and high school students in Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, and Redwood counties. The purpose of violence prevention programming is for students to apply what they learn to future relationships and for these relationships to be healthy and non-violent. The theory behind the program is that if students are given knowledge and tools and have an outlet to address the issues they face, they will make more positive, informed choices in their present and future relationships. The program focuses on the theme of self-respect and respect for others.

Prevention & Professional Education

Education is a key component of our program areas. We believe that education and awareness is a part of breaking the silence surrounding violence and can empower people to act. Our educational goals are to increase knowledge, dispel myths, encourage reporting, challenge social and cultural norms and promote healthy sexuality with our prevention and professional education offerings. Presentations vary in length depending on the needs of the group.

Professional In-Services 

Groups: Medical Clinics and Hospitals; Law Enforcement; Churches; Human Services; Public Health; County Attorney’s; College Personnel; Educators; Nursing Home and Assisted Living Staff; Staff working with Developmentally Disabled; Daycare Providers; Foster parents; City Recreation Staff; Coaches; and Private Businesses.


24-Hour Crisis Line

All of our telephone lines are answered 24-hours a day, with the exception of the SMSU Office.

Individual Support

Oftentimes victims just need someone to listen to their story; we are there for them as much or as little as they need.

Crisis Intervention and Counseling

We are able to meet with crime victims to help them work through what has happened. We can give options and support.

Medical Advocacy

We are able to be a liaison between the victim and medical personnel and/or medical facilities. We are also able to provide support during sexual assault evidentiary exams.

Legal/Court/Law Enforcement Advocacy

We can advocate on behalf of a client in legal settings. We can be present through any and/or all legal and court proceedings. We can also act as a liaison between different agencies for a client, such as law enforcement, county attorney office, court administrator office, etc.

Reparations Assistance

When a client meets the requirements of reparations, they may be eligible to have their crime-related medical expenses, mental health expenses and other specific expenses covered (excluding property losses). We are able to explain the process of reparations forms, help clients complete the forms and be in contact with the Crime Victims Reparation Board for the client.

Restitution Assistance

We are able to explain the process of restitution and can help clients complete restitution forms.

Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO) and Orders for Protection (OFP)

We provide clients with the necessary paperwork, explain the processes and can help the client complete the paperwork. On certain occasions, we are able to accompany the client to an HRO/OFP court hearing.


If a client needs services that are above and beyond what we provide, we have an extensive resource list that enables us to refer clients to the appropriate agency that can help.

Lending Library

Each office has an extensive lending library where the public can borrow books or other resources on victim-related topics.