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SMART Victim Experience Survey


On behalf of the Lyon County Sexual Assault Multidisciplinary Action Response Team (SMART), we ask you to help us improve services in Lyon County, Minnesota for victims of sexual assault. This survey is for people who have worked with an agency on issues related to sexual assault-a sexual assault is defined as any act that has been committed against you or someone that you know that is sexual in nature. If you or someone you know have felt victimized in a sexual nature, then we want to hear from you. It does not matter whether the incident was reported to law enforcement, treated medically, assisted by a victim services program or even told to a friend.

We recognize that anyone can be a victim of sexual assault, male or female. Sexual assault can happen at any age and does not discriminate against race, religion, sexual orientation, and or financial background.

This survey is anonymous, so we do not need your name. All survey answers will be kept private and restricted to SMART use only. SMART will compile the answers from all the received surveys without revealing any respondent identities. A report will be made to analyze trends of sexual assault in Lyon County. For questions that do not apply to your experience, please check the “Does Not Apply” box. If you cannot or do not want to answer a specific question, move on to the next question. Please print out the attached survey and return to New Horizons Crisis Center-Marshall, Minnesota.

If you feel you are uncomfortable for any reason while filling out the survey and want to speak with an advocate or crisis counselor for survivors of sexual assault, please call the 24-hour confidential line at 1-800-881-7493. Thank you for your responses and your time.

Victim Experience Survey