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Volunteer at New Horizons Crisis Center



Why Volunteer?

The 24 Hour Crisis Line program with New Horizons Crisis Center is possible through the work of our dedicated volunteers. By volunteering a small portion of your time, you can make a difference for someone in need. Our volunteers enjoy helping others and are part of an engaged, diverse, and caring community. Most importantly, volunteers can take pride in providing an essential service to the community and making a difference in other people’s lives.

Crisis Line Volunteers:

Volunteer Trainees who have successfully completed our online training modules, live stream webinars, and a short one-on-one preparation session will become Crisis Line Volunteers. By volunteering with New Horizons Crisis Center, volunteers will provide crucial intervention services for people in crisis at the time of their greatest need. Crisis Line Volunteers also gain unique insight and experience in victim services while working collaboratively with the supportive New Horizons Crisis Center staff. By providing non-judgmental, person-centered services, you will be supporting those in crisis.

What to Expect:

Our on-line volunteer training program is unique and highly regarded. Our volunteers come from all walks of life; such as students, business & medical professionals, and community members. For those pursuing a career in mental health or social services, volunteering with New Horizons Crisis Center is particularly beneficial. You will learn new skills, gain experience in a specialized area, and broaden your depth of knowledge.

Crisis Line Volunteers must successfully complete our training program by finishing the on-line training modules, live stream webinars, and have a short one-on-one in person preparation meeting. Our training program is customized to each volunteer’s schedule and learning styles. We also expect all Crisis Line Volunteers to adhere to New Horizons Crisis Center’s protocols, policies and philosophy. All Volunteers must complete the volunteer application and all corresponding forms, including a criminal background check.

Let’s Get Started:

No experience necessary.

We believe that change happens with one caring voice at a time. Are you ready to make a difference?

If you would like more information about committing your time and talents to advocacy work, please call any of the New Horizons offices. 
As a volunteer advocate, the following criteria must be met:

  • An advocate must be at least 18 years old.
  • An advocate must be willing to operate in a manner consistent with the mission and philosophy of NHCC.
  • An advocate must successfully complete an initial online and in-person training and acquire 6-10 hours of continuing education training every year thereafter.
  • An advocate must complete the volunteer application and all corresponding forms, including a criminal background check and volunteer contract.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer with New Horizons Crisis Center, please contact any New Horizons Crisis Center Staff at 1 (800) 881-7493, email Kendra or send a message through the "contact us" link above. 

Crisis Line Volunteer Job Description

Volunteer application - Download the fillable form here or fill the application in directly below.


How the crisis line works:

  • During your on call week, New Horizons will provide you with a cell phone.
  • You can continue to go about your daily routines, provided that you stay within an area with cell phone reception and remain alcohol and drug free when you are on-call.
  • New Horizons staff will call you at approximately 4:30pm to state that they are, “rolling the phones,” this will mean that all NHCC telephone lines will automatically go to the cell phone.
  • When a call comes in on the cell phone “crisis line” it can be any type of call. Examples: when are your office hours? does New Horizons help general crime victims? Request for a staff advocate to meet at the hospital.
  • NHCC will give you the tools that you need to respond in a confident, quick, and knowledgeable manner to each call received.
  • If you feel that you need additional support or would like to discuss a particular call with someone New Horizons staff will be available to provide support.
  • New Horizons will provide you with a bag of resource materials to assist with calls that you may receive.