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Participants Bill of Rights & Grievance Procedure


Individuals receiving NHCC’s parenting time program, general crime victim advocacy program, or sexual assault victim advocacy program services have rights in the following areas:


CONFIDENTIALITY: All NHCC employees and volunteers are required to keep all information about you confidential unless you give written and/or verbal consent for the information to be shared with someone else. This is with the exception of laws which mandate the reporting of suspected child abuse, other statutorily defined crimes, in certain emergencies, subpoenas, search warrants, and other court orders.


DATA PRIVACY PRACTICES & PROCEDURES: Information about your rights are governed under MN Data Practices Act and Data Privacy Rules. MN Data Practices Act requires that when we ask you to provide us with private or confidential information about yourself, that you are instructed: the purpose for which the information will be used; the legal requirements, if any, of supplying it; the consequences to you of providing the information or refusing to supply it; and the identity of other persons or agencies authorized by statute to secure the information. The Purpose: To better assist you with support and/or services, the information will be used to fulfill the necessary legal record keeping requirements, by funders, to indicate the provisions of services. The information from service contacts will be held on file.


Legal Requirements and Consequences: (Tennessen Warning) You are not required to provide information about yourself; however, without it we may not be able to provide services.


Sharing of Information: Information that is maintained about you may be shared with other agencies or individuals only under the following circumstances:


FEES: Services of the general crime or sexual assault victim advocacy programs are free of charge.


CONFLICT OF INTEREST: NHCC’s employees and volunteers may not be able to assist you if you are a friend, relative, or otherwise considered closely associated with that staff. Other qualified advocates will work closely with you to assist you with your needs.


DISCRIMINATION: NHCC will provide services without regard to race, religion, creed, color, gender, age, national origin, ethnicity, culture, ancestry, disability, pregnancy, military status, sexual preference, membership or non-membership in a labor organization, status with respect to public assistance, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state, or local laws. You will be treated with courtesy and respect while receiving services.


SEXUAL EXPLOITATION: NHCC’s employees and volunteers should not under any circumstances suggest, be, or become involved with you in a sexual manner. NHCC’s employees and volunteers should not under any circumstances “date” or in any way become romantically involved with you.


COMPLAINT/GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE: Individuals receiving services have the right to initiate a complaint by following a grievance procedure. The following steps may be taken:


INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITIES: In keeping with the dignity and rights of individuals which are afforded to clients, it is expected you will assume certain responsibilities as well. This includes:

  1. Respecting the rights and dignity of other clients and staff.
  2. Contacting NHCC if your plans change and you do not choose to continue services.
  3. Employees have the right to recommend referral elsewhere of any individual if it is deemed necessary to the safety and security of staff and/or other clients.


MANDATED REPORTING: NHCC’s employees and volunteers are mandated reporters of abuse, neglect, and/or maltreatment of children/minors.


PROGRAM INFORMATION/RECORDS: NHCC and its subsidiary programs are required to maintain certain client information (eg. releases of information, program intake forms, program departure forms, agency correspondence, etc.) for an extended period of time after the completion of services. This essential information will be kept confidential and released only with your permission or by court order. At the end of the required time, records will be shredded or burned.


New Horizons Crisis Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and an Equal Opportunity Provider.